Another Argument

  Alright.  What will you write?

Something shiny and aware.  Something glowing, ethereal, that will change the outlook of nations for the betterment of the world.


  Shut up.

And when do you hope to accomplish this little feat? 

As soon as I have time.


Now, in fact.

Oh yeah?  Do you have an outline for the betterment of human kind, then?

I’ll figure it out.

Want someone to read it?  Critique it?

…no.  Not until it’s ready.

This aught to be entertaining, if nothing else. 

Why so little faith?

Faith?  In what?  Ms. Dilly-dally into the apocalypse? 

Someone with a dream shouldn’t be discouraged.

You mean made sensible? 

True, true.  You’ve got to have a plan.

Says who?

Don’t all great creators have a plan?

You think no one’s stumbled into greatness before?

Is that what we want to do, stumble all our lives?

That’s hardly fair, but it happens sometimes.

Well, don’t stub your toe on your own monument in the dark, then.

Let’s be fair.  We’re all children in the dark staring out the same eyes.  Let’s give ourselves a chance to live it right, however right may seem at the time.  What does this person with not but a pen to her name do to cause harm?



Too much information.

Then let her have all that.  Those things seem to be a universal problem, anyway.  People are so afraid of exposing themselves when many of Us have done so for our entire existence. 

We can be more than what we seem and we can do more than fight.

…I just want to write. 


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