New Writing Project: Arguing a Case for Autonomy to a World of Collectives

Autonomy is the idea that one’s ultimate authority is one’s own self.  It is the idea that no one can claim authority over someone else unless it is by consent, something written into the Declaration of Independence but something that is largely ignored by United States culture and most other cultures across the world.


Writing for the case of autonomy and the rights of the individual isn’t always easy when the world is run by collectives – governments, churches, militaries, businesses, mobs – who all take resources from individuals and make decisions that are supposed to be based on the greater good of the collective.  It also isn’t easy to argue the case of the autonomous individual when people confuse social constructs for human nature, and when humanity has made such a bad reputation for itself.

A lot of people who hear arguments in favor of individualism think that all collectives are being attacked, when really, it is the idea of non-consentual collectivism that is the target.  Recent historical events such as the Occupy movement and the rise of Anonymous have proven that Autonomous Collectives, or consensual participation in the collective or collectives of one’s choice, is possible and potentially more promising for all involved.

Ongoing writing on the subject of Autonomy can be found on my blog All Things Debated and the facebook page I made for it called True Autonomy.  Wish me luck on the journey towards self-sovereignty.  It is my hope that I can be part of bringing the idea of consensual governing to the forefront of humanity’s collective consciousness.


One thought on “New Writing Project: Arguing a Case for Autonomy to a World of Collectives

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