When it’s Time to Write

  Five second films…that would be neat, I could make five second films…

  What the fuck are you doing? Get your shit together, and straighten up a little!  You have to leave the house in FIVE MINUTES!

  I did straighten up a little…stop being so hard on me…

  [Wardogs. They want this explosion, this danger that leaves our hands cold and bloodless-!]

  I have to speak! There are so many inside who have to speak!  I have to do, too, to take action, but I’m only one body, and so far away, and so small and ready to be brittle and broken…

  I can’t explain the faces to you, the shapes, the way the air is cold when it shouldn’t feel that way…

  Turn the air down, dingbat.

  No wonder, it was at 62.

Alright, text whoever you’re supposed to meet up with today like a grown up.  You’re obviously not leaving the house.

  You know you’re diving deep when everything spins and the walls start to melt.


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