I’m Sick of Feeling Sorry for “Nice Guys” #YesAllWomen

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Dear men,

Can I be frank with you guys?

I get so sick of hearing the phrases “nice guy” and “gentleman.” I could do without hearing “friend zone,” too. And I’m done feeling sorry for you if you think you fit in one of these categories.

The shootings at Isla Vista have sparked a conversation about sexism and it’s dangerous consequences for women in this day and age. But apparently, misogyny has dealt men an unfair hand as well wherein they feel #YesAllWomen and other conversations about sexism have failed to acknowledge the nice guys of the world.
So I’m going to acknowledge you now. Brace yourselves.

Time Magazinepublished a piece about Elliot Rodger, the mass shooter. In it, the author makes a case about how Rodger’s chronic virginity and being turned down by his female classmates may have left him with no choice but to kill six people…

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I smile (a poem for #eacheverywoman and #yesallwomen)

I smile

and choose the red lipstick


that makes my teeth shine like white stones


as if they were solid marble






to give under


a fist.









  This poem and others like it, along with matching photographic illustration can be found in my first poetry anthology, available on smashwords, entitled What Makes a Mean Girl.

Mirror Mirror, a poem for #eacheverywoman and #yesallwomen

Mirror Mirror 


without flinching,

at my painted face.


For years I have been


a mirror of others’ passions.



in a core of glass fragments in a pit



is myself.


There are names






where they’ve last touched


marks clinging like flags of ego


where my skin still burns


to scrub itself off


or redefine itself under the transformation


of water


of fire


of earth.











why someone




would ever want


a broken doll.







  This poem and others like it can be found in my first self-published poetry anthology, available on smashwords, entitled What Makes a Mean Girl.