Writing Prompt

Writing prompt: Any length under 5000 words. A close friend or relative dies, or has died. If you feel comfortable, share a personal story. Share your prompt response or a link to it in the comments.


16 thoughts on “Writing Prompt

  1. hlnewcomer says:

    i have a poem that fits this prompt…

    • tc180 says:

      Awesome, please share it.

      • hlnewcomer says:

        i would love to, it’s not quite finished yet though. i’d love some feedback

      • tc180 says:

        When you finish post it here if you’d like to share, and I’d love to give some feedback.

      • hlnewcomer says:

        this is what i have:


        hot rails beneath converse-clad feet
        speakers encircled by the outer ear canal
        and they said the music was
        too loud for him to hear the forewarning whistle
        but i call bull ****


        the discordant split made their trinity ache and crumble.
        it led up to our show, changes of heart (holy spirit didn’t have one),
        and the son didn’t show up for opening night.
        he found the father gassed in his car because
        the holy spirit decided to pack her bags.


        it was imprinted in my brain that morning,
        every time i closed my eyes i saw the gleaming white,
        the upward curve of your lips and like your lips
        i rose to meet the day, i was ready, i was strong, i was wrong,
        unaware and oblivious, and so god damn ignorant
        until i read those words
        my world shattered
        and the darkness began to seep through the cracks
        the image imprinted in my brain was no longer clear– it never will be–
        his lips now wrapped around the barrel, waiting for sweet “relief” to come
        waiting for happiness to hit him like a bullet in the brain.

        iv. & v.

        what’s two more?
        cold wintry day, old memories start to fade
        as that cold and old piece of metal came
        came fast and hard like i’m sure she did when they made love
        one of his socks and one of his shoes was
        found a few feet from his body–
        covered in a white sheet, just like hers–
        i guess the impact of metal on flesh rattled his bones
        enough to rattle the crowd.


        it was the beginning of those drunken nights,
        running through those suburb streets at midnight,
        stripping ourselves of societal rags on the cold metal structure
        where children played during the day, pissing behind trees,
        that first puff of acrid smoke, “don’t inhale,” and in my drunken stupor i did,
        the kitchen floor was cool on our bodies, flushed with alcohol,
        the bright computer screen made our eyes ache and the sentence,
        “he’s in a coma,” made our hearts ache,
        so she and i held hands and prayed our aching hearts out that he would wake.
        we woke hungover, and he never did.


        glioblastoma brain cancer–
        rising from those star-shaped cells, the very glue of his brain,
        the large network of blood vessels that support it’s reproduction,
        betrayed by his own body.
        not to mention the chemo.
        it was the size of a tennis ball, but he came back to school with a shaved head and a scar.
        but he came back.
        we finished the year,
        thinking everything was fine.
        we started high school,
        thinking everything was fine.
        we relished in the summer air,
        thinking everything was fine.
        the symptoms caused by increased pressure in the brain (it grows rapidly):
        headache, nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, weakness in one side of the body,
        memory and/or speech difficulties, visual changes,


        it was a birthday present, 19 is big,
        big enough for 2 grams and your own needle,
        big enough to be an excuse to do it all in 12 hours,
        big enough to have an angel
        take your ashen hand,
        caress your bloodless face,
        kiss your blue lips,
        lead you away into the tar black abyss.

      • tc180 says:

        I love this poem. I love this series of short poems. This is amazing, and thank you for sharing. I love the visual details, the flow, I love details like “2 grams and your own needle,” shoes flying off, ashen faces, all those visual details are really rich and crisp.

      • tc180 says:

        I think this piece is ready or near ready. What are your intentions to do with it? It’s beautiful and complex, multi-layered.

      • hlnewcomer says:

        it’s almost ready. i have a few more stanzas that need to be written (unfortunately).

      • tc180 says:

        Well good luck with it. It’s phenomenal thus far. If you want a place to forward the final draft for feedback I could send you to a link to a facebook group that’s a writer’s forum, if you use that social media platform. I’d recommend not posting it in its entirety in a place online that doesn’t have password protection, as that means that it’s already been electronically published. I think you should reserve that for submission, as someone will want first publication rights.

        You could also self-publish it. Up to you. Either way, thank you for sharing, and I look forward to seeing any future drafts.

      • hlnewcomer says:

        i would love the link to the fb group. and i’ll probably end up self-publishing unless someone else decides to do it. (: thanks so much. i’ll definitely send you future drafts

      • tc180 says:

        Here’s the link to the facebook writer’s group so that you can share it in a closed group in case of future publication: https://www.facebook.com/groups/530627077044226/permalink/614064832033783/

        Thanks again 🙂 Glad to have connected.

      • hlnewcomer says:

        i added more to the poem and i would love for you to look at it and give me some feedback. if you have the time

      • tc180 says:

        Sure, I’d love to. Would you like to present it here or to a closed group?

      • hlnewcomer says:

        I actually just posted it to my blog if you want to check it out

      • tc180 says:

        Sure, post a link here on the comments if you’d like.

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