Extremely Short Show Review: Sons of Anarchy


Meaning of anarchy: without rulers.

Sons of anarchy creators: “I know! Let’s make a show about a bunch of brainless violent assholes who are constantly fighting about WHO SHOULD BE IN CHARGE! *fap *fap *fap *fap* UUUUUGGGHHHHH!!! yeah….”



Have I mentioned…Script Writing?

I think it’s slipped my mind to mention that I’ve been engaging in script writing for some time now.  I’ve recently changed a horror/comedy story by Benjamin R. Dover into script format and co-wrote a few scenes.  The zombie-spoof Deadwind is going to premiere at the Plaza in Atlanta on July 11th, 2015.  Tickets, DVDs, posters, and the soundtrack by Benjamin R. Dover are available on the website: http://deadwindmovies.com.  Porcupine Petting Zoo (a sketch comedy group I began writing and acting for back in 2011) and Shafty Fingers Productions (a student feature film company and YouTube channel) have teamed up to create Porc-your-Shafty productions and produce a series of movies that might be the most ridiculous you’ve ever seen.

    In 2014 I began writing for YouTube comedy channel Shafty Shows.  I wrote an episode of their “Jeff McFreedom Show” called “Ebola is Coming, and Jeff is an Asshole.”

  This is your daily reminder to write as often as possible, no matter what direction it goes in.  You never know when you might have the opportunity to do something interesting.  Take unexpected turns in your writing career now and then.  Something silly or distracting might be just what you need to get things going and/or get your name out there.

Much love.