Respect: You’re Doing it Wrong

I want to say something about the “you have to earn my respect” and “lack of boundaries invites a lack of respect” memes and sayings I’ve been seeing. Yeah…here’s the thing:

Human decency and respect is not something others have to earn from you, it is the price you pay to live among others. And victims of mistreatment are NEVER to blame for the actions of others.

Victimizing and blaming victims for their victimization perpetuates a culture of entitlement, which in turn influences the next generation into knowing very little about their own human rights because it’s people who don’t respect others and who perpetuate the ideas that they have the right to determine who should or should not be respected who call the shots. It perpetuates a culture that doesn’t know anything about teaching the next generation boundaries or autonomy because they’re taught first that they have to earn self-worth from the validation of others, and then that self-worth can be negated if another person decides their actions, way of speaking, dressing, or way of living doesn’t qualify them for human decency and respect. .

Short of someone actually physically attacking you, If you cannot show every person you meet basic human decency and respect, the problem is not them, it is you. The problem is not lack of firm boundaries, the problem is the people who push people’s boundaries because they’re uneducated or ignorant of the concept of consent, the most basic of human rights. Yet those are the people allowed to dominate the conversation with catchy, contemptuous sayings with no real meaning beyond “correct my behavior for me, or don’t be surprised when I and my cohorts treat you poorly.”


Millennial War Cry

Let’s talk about Earth, and a generation built for self-destruction.

Kids grow up on speed prescribed by their governments, all socializing is over the internet, and the news praises tyrants (though that’s nothing new).

Society precariously balances on a web of mass-delusions.

Bought and ruled by money, we cower silently in fear and count the comforts of our conformity.

Knowing we will lose them to eventuality.

The world’s coming apart, and it’s old fashioned to know how to build anything.

I don’t know everything, but someone must say it: “This isn’t a society worth adjusting to, this isn’t sincerity or something we should cater to.  We are what we do, and we’ve done little except consume.”

We don’t know what we are or what we’re meant to be.  Millennials, a generation of souls lost to technology.  Lost to denial, indifference, and luxury.

Our denial won’t live much longer.  Our choice is Arab Spring of the mind, or 1980.

Yet indifference is our propriety.

We are the generation of dissociation.

Every Millennial I know who has experienced “intimacy” has PTSD

because of how little we were taught about consent, except how much it’s mocked on TV.

We can’t fix blind, but disabled is not broken.  It just needs to be spoken.

(But why speak when no one will listen?)

It’s time to unleash from our prison.

Unleash the unloved, unkempt, unheeded.  Now is the time we’re most needed.

So I will speak, and you will hate me for it, but you too will live a moment and know what it’s like to be abhorred for it, for your words and deeds and dreams and beliefs.

Belief is relative to the time you give to it, and the things you see.  Some laws you can’t escape, but the rest you create.

It’s time.

Your choice:


From millennia of lies and become.


Or die having never done.

“You are Not Alone” has been Published and is Available on Amazon!

Several of my pieces have just been published in an anthology called You are Not Alone: Stories from the Frontlines of Womanhood. The anthology was inspired by the hashtag #Yesallwomen and was a collaborative effort between editor Leah Carey and ten active participants she chose from the hashtag. The book is all about the experiences of discrimination, harassment, and dehumanization that women experience just for being women. Below is the cover of the book, a video sample of one of my pieces within it, and the book’s first endorsement.

Book Cover


My Second Self-Published Ebook: The Autonomous Manifesto

If any of you have been following my blog for a little while you might remember one of my early posts in which I described some writing I’ve been doing on the subject of Autonomy and the right to consent in all chosen collectives. I’ve been writing about these subjects on another blog called All Things Debated and on a Facebook page I made. Finally, just this last August, I self-published my second ebook and first on the subject called The Autonomous Manifesto.

The Autonomous Manifesto, my Second Ebook.

The Autonomous Manifesto is a collection of my essays, rants, and poetry on the subject of autonomy. It’s free for download on

For those who don’t know, the first ebook I ever self-published is called What Makes a Mean Girl, and is a collection of poems on negative experiences in sex relations and attempts to find one’s way back to an actual connection with humanity. The poems are short and unpolished, since I mostly just wanted to know I could publish something myself. I’m also the model on the cover.

What Makes a Mean Girl

My next self-published ebook will be called What Makes a Man Eater, and will be a larger collection of poems continuing where What Makes a Mean Girl left off. It will further flesh-out the stories with more polished poetry. I’m hoping to release that anthology by this coming October.

You are Not Alone – an Anthology inspired by #YesallWomen

Good news, readers and followers! At least 6 of my poems will be published in an upcoming anthology called You are Not Alone: Stories from the Frontlines of Womanhood. This anthology was inspired by #Yesallwomen. If you don’t know about #YesallWomen, it was a phenomenon that swept across the globe for a month, one of the longest-trending hashtags in Twitter history, and was all about women’s experiences of violence, harassment, objectification, and discrimination simply for being women.

None of the participants featured in the anthology, including the editor Leah Carey, are the originators of the hashtag. The hashtag began with a tweet by @gildedspine (Kaye). The work in this anthology are by writers who began participating in #YesallWomen about a month after its creation. We aren’t the source, we were simply inspired.

The following are small samples of two of the poems I wrote that will be published in the book:

The following are video samples of two other authors featured in the anthology:

New Writing Project: Arguing a Case for Autonomy to a World of Collectives

Autonomy is the idea that one’s ultimate authority is one’s own self.  It is the idea that no one can claim authority over someone else unless it is by consent, something written into the Declaration of Independence but something that is largely ignored by United States culture and most other cultures across the world.


Writing for the case of autonomy and the rights of the individual isn’t always easy when the world is run by collectives – governments, churches, militaries, businesses, mobs – who all take resources from individuals and make decisions that are supposed to be based on the greater good of the collective.  It also isn’t easy to argue the case of the autonomous individual when people confuse social constructs for human nature, and when humanity has made such a bad reputation for itself.

A lot of people who hear arguments in favor of individualism think that all collectives are being attacked, when really, it is the idea of non-consentual collectivism that is the target.  Recent historical events such as the Occupy movement and the rise of Anonymous have proven that Autonomous Collectives, or consensual participation in the collective or collectives of one’s choice, is possible and potentially more promising for all involved.

Ongoing writing on the subject of Autonomy can be found on my blog All Things Debated and the facebook page I made for it called True Autonomy.  Wish me luck on the journey towards self-sovereignty.  It is my hope that I can be part of bringing the idea of consensual governing to the forefront of humanity’s collective consciousness.