Tiny Submissions are Still Submissions

I’ve entered a ten word story into Gotham Writers’ A Very Short Story Contest.

Each participant may submit a ten word story.

Consider opportunities like this between novels.  They keep your skills sharp and diverse.  Only a few words submitted to a publisher is still work submitted to a publisher.



Writing Prompt: Love at First Smell

TC180’s random writing prompts.

Love at first smell.

150 word max. Poems, fiction, or non-fiction.


If at least 10 people participate, the chosen winner gets a colorful Jpeg award image to put on their social media or blog.  It will likely be cheesy.

Leave your entry in the comments or leave a link to it.

Press on

Press out

down about the dust

make the path


Thorns snag

burrs hitchhike

trying to find the sun.


I’ve only ever run.

Now a patch of ground



It holds a lake

where I can see my heart glow

in its reflection.


Before, I’ve seen only clouds,



I’ve seen only

a murky surface

oiled slick and swirling


How am I to believe in this glow?

A whole universe, waiting to grow.






My first self-published poetry anthology, “What Makes a Mean Girl.”

I can’t think of a single person I know who hasn’t heard my rambling that I would one day release my first poetry anthology. I’ve talked about it for two years. I’ve edited dozens of poems I’ve squirreled away and each of those poems can still use a lot more editing…but I’ve done it. I’ve finally self-published my first ebook poetry anthology entitled “What Makes a Mean Girl.”

In the time I obsessively worked on the completion of this anthology I ignored or missed out on some important things – bills, grocery shopping, friends birthday parties, activism events, among others. I would like to apologize to those people I promised socialization or any other form of interaction with in the time it took me to complete my anthology. I didn’t know it at the time, but my work had no intention of letting me go anywhere until it was finished.

Thank you Chris Loving-Life and Benjamin Dover for allowing me to use some of your beautiful photography for the anthology. Thank you Lily Lago for allowing me to use some of your amazing digital artwork.

This is my first self-publication but won’t be my last. I have a lot of exciting projects on the way including a 2nd edition of this anthology with more poems, more photography, and more artwork that I hope to publish by this time next year.



Thank you Will Blackhill for the cover design.