“You are Not Alone” has been Published and is Available on Amazon!

Several of my pieces have just been published in an anthology called You are Not Alone: Stories from the Frontlines of Womanhood. The anthology was inspired by the hashtag #Yesallwomen and was a collaborative effort between editor Leah Carey and ten active participants she chose from the hashtag. The book is all about the experiences of discrimination, harassment, and dehumanization that women experience just for being women. Below is the cover of the book, a video sample of one of my pieces within it, and the book’s first endorsement.

Book Cover



I smile (a poem for #eacheverywoman and #yesallwomen)

I smile

and choose the red lipstick


that makes my teeth shine like white stones


as if they were solid marble






to give under


a fist.









  This poem and others like it, along with matching photographic illustration can be found in my first poetry anthology, available on smashwords, entitled What Makes a Mean Girl.