Writing Prompt: Love at First Smell

TC180’s random writing prompts.

Love at first smell.

150 word max. Poems, fiction, or non-fiction.


If at least 10 people participate, the chosen winner gets a colorful Jpeg award image to put on their social media or blog.  It will likely be cheesy.

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Press on

Press out

down about the dust

make the path


Thorns snag

burrs hitchhike

trying to find the sun.


I’ve only ever run.

Now a patch of ground



It holds a lake

where I can see my heart glow

in its reflection.


Before, I’ve seen only clouds,



I’ve seen only

a murky surface

oiled slick and swirling


How am I to believe in this glow?

A whole universe, waiting to grow.






Count Down

How many made it this time around,

how many faces with you

versus those you search for in the rain.


Let the ball drop

Fluctuations of millions beginning,


stories spilling open


In explosions



and we’re left counting names

faces in the room with us

to see who’s going round again.


Never Before or Again

I’ll speak

star bursts

to birds,

and sing my hopes to insects


I’ll know when it’s time to sleep

by the weight of the atmosphere,

the ground.


I’ll forget words,

remember my heart,

sit in ghost silence,

and meditate with stones.


I’ll learn the language of


deer fawn


I’ll call hawk,

and look on night without suspicion.


Nowhere else than earth has embraced me

my bones will embrace in return.




“You are Not Alone” has been Published and is Available on Amazon!

Several of my pieces have just been published in an anthology called You are Not Alone: Stories from the Frontlines of Womanhood. The anthology was inspired by the hashtag #Yesallwomen and was a collaborative effort between editor Leah Carey and ten active participants she chose from the hashtag. The book is all about the experiences of discrimination, harassment, and dehumanization that women experience just for being women. Below is the cover of the book, a video sample of one of my pieces within it, and the book’s first endorsement.

Book Cover